Membership Information Form For Existing Members

Membership Classes:

  • Family Membership: $1475 ($368.75 quarterly or $122.92 monthly)
  • Single Membership: $750 ($187.50 quarterly or $62.50 monthly)
  • Associate Membership: $500 ($125 quarterly or $41.67 monthly)

Payments can be made in a single payment (please let us know when, if not immediately), or quarterly (September, December, March and June) or monthly (starting August, or a double payment in September).

Shul boxes are available for rental at $50 per year.

Please note that you will also be billed for the Building Maintenance Fee, due October 31

Family Members = $150

Individual Members = $75

Associate Members = $0

The income from this fee will be used to help pay for maintenance and upkeep of the building.

We also will bill for the annual security fee, $100 for Family Members and $50 for Individual Members.

Please fill out the information you have available. We can always update it later.


Your Information